Giant 808 Sample Pack – 1000 808s Pack + Free Apache Esssentials Drum Kit!

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Original price was: $59.00.Current price is: $4.90.

Even more surprise discount!

  • 1000 best quality 808 samples (wav) at just $4.9.  Royalty free! Total size- 363 Mb.
  • Includes the awesome  Apache Essentials Drum Sample Pack worth $19, absolutely free!
  • Designed by expert sound designers having more than 20 years of experience!
  • 808s fit every genre you can possibly imagine- heavily distorted to lush warm; very hard hitting to the most soft!
  • The best 808 sample pack combo you will find on the internet today!

Original cost: $59. Today at $4.9. You Save $54! Hurry! Buy right now!


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This bundle has the only best 808 sample pack you will find on the internet today, including the awesome Apache Essentials Drum Sample Pack, absolutely free! 

All samples are royalty free! Wav format! Check gallery images.

This 808 sample pack contains 1000 unique high quality one shot samples of the best 808s, so that you don’t have to look any other place for 808s ever again! Inside are all the varieties of 808s that you can possibly imagine!

The 808s range from the most heavily distorted to the most smoothest and softest ones! Also ranging from the very hard hitting to no – attack at all and of short length to long ones. Not to mention these 808s are optimized to fit in all the genres perfectly! You can even create many variations out of them!

Why is it extraordinary is because this 808 sample pack is designed by our expert sound designers having more than 20 years of experience in this craft.

Original cost: $59. Today at $4.9. You Save $54! Hurry! Buy right now!

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46 reviews for Giant 808 Sample Pack – 1000 808s Pack + Free Apache Esssentials Drum Kit!

  1. Duke Michael

    Lot of variety! High quality! The 808s are super punchy and also the soft ones! Gritty and gnarly and the lush ones. There are also 808s for drill that I loved. The variety cover from gangsta to the trap nation vibe, even for pop and more! I dont see any limit to using these 808s! The Apache Drum Essentials Pack is a cherry on the cake! Has unique impressive sound! I like the whole bundle!

  2. Dj Queen

    Fits perfectly into the beats along with having a wide variety that’s what I like about this pack.

  3. Taiyab

    Sounds are unique id say and value for money!

  4. Basspunch


  5. Soul Maniac

    Variety ❤

  6. Murdaman

    MONEY WELL SPENT! 808s have a huge variety. Punchy to soft, distorted to warm lush actually!

  7. Ryan Jauregui

    Waiting to check it out.. so far the preview impressed me

  8. Andrew

    The 808s with soft transients just took me. Especially for those I am giving 5 stars.

  9. Randall Baldwin

    Variety = on point!
    Key Mentioned = on point!
    Transients = on point!
    Distortion = on point!
    Length = on point!
    Price = a little high but that’s okay for what you get!

  10. Darren Neel

    Variety of 808s 👍

  11. Lesley

    Samples are impressive! Lots of unique variety! Perfect for every type of beat! Price was a little high but value for the material! Giving 4 stars.

  12. Lil Ken

    Pretty Dope!

  13. Heyden

    5 stars for variety, and quality!

  14. Norris Freeman

    The punch are impressive! Quality is fire! Variety is awesome! Value for 💰

  15. DJ Skippy

    Fit for all the beats!

  16. Nostradamus

    Not satisfied but still a good deal!

  17. Prod Ollie

    Dropping a beat soon!

  18. Murda Dre

    Saturation is fire brah 🔥

  19. Dwayne


  20. Tony Row

    808s are:
    High quality! Variety! Customizable!
    The wide ones are 🔥🔥🔥

  21. Jeffrey Brewer

    Value for money and samples seem to fit all beats so far. 4 stars.

  22. Richard Pauley

    🤔 let’s give it a try

  23. Keith

    Balanced distortion. Balance dynamics. Overall the 808s are satisfactory. Variety is impressive. 4 stars from me.

  24. I Am Nuts

    Remixing a Tyga with this one! Hold on!

  25. Wally Robson


  26. Hubert

    Value for my mula 💰
    The punch of these 808s is dope in the preview. So far so good. Let’s make something then I’ll update.

  27. Milo Matthews

    Go for it

  28. Arjun Dhruv

    Nice and high quality.

  29. Ivory Shillingford

    808s are crisp! So much for less price. Value for money!

  30. Mike Won’t Make It

    Workin on a 🔥 beat with 808 567

  31. Vera Jarvis

    Nice one.

  32. Alec Lambert

    Apache Drum Essentials is pretty unique too!

  33. Rhea

    Value for money

  34. Tyrone

    Good one

  35. Marmaduke

    Nice samples! Variety🔥

  36. Harvey Tingey

    Shut the fuck up and buy this sample pack!

  37. Chad Santos

    The samples sound dope in the preview though.

  38. Oriel

    Samples are of high quality 👌

  39. Beatrice Jensen

    🔥🔥 deal

  40. Cecil Schultz

    Variety and quality 🙌

  41. Garrick

    Bought it! I’m on it! ❤

  42. Lucas Ingram

    Perfect 808 samples!

  43. Clemens

    Yeah go for it!

  44. Ronald Padilla

    I tried 16 808s in a beat! Each working quiet good, thats how I audition the samples. 4 stars!

  45. MC Barrett

    A bunch of 808s from this pack have become my favorite! So I can totally say it’s a value for money deal!

  46. CC Cole

    Yeah its nice for me.

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